A new way to commute! TeamGee H6 Electric Skateboard!

What is happening with gas prices!  Just the other day I went to the local gas station and it was at $1.38/L.  No idea what it is in gallons, but I can tell you it’s pretty pricey!  My wife and I have 2 cars (Hyundai Tucson and a Fiat 500) and 2 Motorcycle (Both Suzuki VStroms) and all of them need gas to run.  I wanted to find a way to commute locally that didn’t need gas.  We both have bikes (even though my wife should probably get a new one) but I wanted something with a motor.  I ended up looking online and found the TeamGee H6 Electric Skateboard.  And I must say that I am loving it.

I spent a lot of time online looking at different electric skateboards and some of them are crazy expensive, and if this was my only form of commuting than I would probably consider it.  But it’s not so spending that kind of cash was out of the question!  I also wanted a board that didn’t look like an electric skateboard.  Most electric skateboards have this big chunky battery on the bottom and that just worried me a little.  Easy to hit and it was easy to see that it was an electric skateboard, which I really didn’t want people to know as that just flaunts the value of it.  No thank you!  The TeamGee board is almost impossible to tell that its electric.  The batter is contained within the board!  It’s truly amazing!  You kind of have to see it.

I ordered the Teamgee H6 board and it was everything that I wanted.  Specs were good (not the best) and everything that I thought I would need for a beginner board.  Will I want another maybe faster board later on, maybe?  One that can go a bit further distance wise, maybe?  Only time will tell.

I’ve now been riding the board for a couple of weeks and have really enjoyed everything about it.  It’s really hard for me to judge where the board’s weaknesses are as I don’t really have anything to compare it to.  But for me, for now, this is a great board.

Even my wife and daughter have been riding it.  Looks like I’ll have to save up to get the family on these boards so they can ride too!

We have partnered with TeamGee to give you 10% of off the board price (until June 30th, 2018) by following this link.

Below are some videos that I made in regards to the board.  Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “A new way to commute! TeamGee H6 Electric Skateboard!

  1. very nice article!

    great writings and the videos.

    • Thanks. We are really enjoying the board. Always cool to see how a piece of technology can bring the family together. All 3 of us taking turns riding the board. Very cool.

      Plus it’s just a lot of fun!

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