Cannonball 250

I venture off on my own to do the Cannonball 250 ride.  The Cannonball series of rides is a distance/time-based series spanning from 250 (miles) all the way to the Cannonball 5000 (miles).  The range from day rides, to multi-day rides.

Why not do a nice day ride which has a time that you need to beat.  I’m up for it, so I decided to tackle the 250.  The 250 is 250 miles in 6.5 hours.  Seems easy, but it also includes 4 checkpoints (stops) and you don’t take any major highways.  The actual estimated time for this ride was approximately 7 hours if you abided by all speed limits, caught all the green lights, and no traffic.

I ended up doing the ride in 5.5 hours.  Not too bad.  Of course there’s a video.

Have a watch.

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