Daisy X7 Sunglass Review

A couple of months ago we got the chance to try out the Daisy C5 sunglasses, and to be honest I was a pretty big fan.  I was pretty sure that when riding season started that these would be my glasses of choice.  Until we got the opportunity to try out the Daisy X7 glasses.

There are definitely some features of the C5 glasses that I really like, and they could possibly be a better choice for a lot of people.  Just not me.  I really like the features of the X7 glasses.  I really would not have ever thought that you could cram so many features into a pair of sunglasses.  Features that were actually useful.  And all for a $20 price tag.  Really what more could you ask for!

Take a few minutes and watch our video unboxing and review of the Daisy X7 glasses.  And if you’d like to pick up a pair you can follow the link below.  I’ll also fire up a link to the C5’s if you think those may be a better choice for you.  Or you can be like me, and have both!


Pick them up on Amazon.com

Or on Amazon.ca



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