Domio Pro Audio and Communication Device | Game Changer?

I’ve been looking at different style motorcycle audio and communication type headsets for some time now. My wife and I have tried some different brands and there is always some problems with distance and comfort. Probably comfort is one of the biggest issues / concerns. For someone that likes to have a fairly snug helmet, putting the headset inside seems to put extra pressure on my ears. Maybe this is the answer. The Domio Pro is a Audio / Communication device that uses vibration technology to pass the audio through the shell of your helmet. Meaning nothing inside. No speakers and cables. Domio had previously released the Domio, which was an audio-only device to great reviews. Now the Domio Pro is available via an Indiegogo campaign! We really look forward to trying this device once it is released this fall. Check out the link below to get more information on the Domio Pro and to Order yours through Indiegogo.

If you would like to go to their actual website, I have included the link below as well.



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