Got me some Heated Gloves From Shark Audio

Normally on December 24th I would not even be anywhere near riding my bike, but this year is different.  I’ve been riding all week and hope to be able to go for a quick ride tomorrow (Christmas Day).  Today was unusually warm at got all the way up to +17 degrees celsius.  Usually we would be somewhere below 0 celsius and in need of winter gear.

SO this year I decided that I wanted a pair of heated gloves and I had been contemplating the plug-in style or battery and because I wanted to be able to use these when the season was over I decided to go with battery operated gloves.  I ended up looking around and came across Shark Audio’s site and lo and behold they actually had some heated gloves with a pretty good sticker price!  About $75US dollars.

Anyways check out the video below as I do a quick unboxing and then take them for a spin when it was only 4 degrees out.  Enjoy!

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