How many CCs is enough?

So I’m going to be looking at a new bike, not this year, but next year.  What I don’t want to do is end up buying a bike that isn’t big enough or is too big.  So how do you figure that out?  Well what I do is put up a post and hope that people like yourself end up reading this and reply to it with you experience.

Most of you know that I’m coming from a 250cc motorcycle so pretty much and size bike will be an improvement, but I want to find the sweet spot.  That spot that has great performance, isn’t overly heavy, doesn’t cost a ton in insurance, can carry two people, and is pretty good in regards to fuel economy.  Is this possible?  Which bike is it?  What are your thoughts?

I’m not buying new, so lets not focus on that.  And ill probably be spending no more than 5 or 6 thousand dollars on my next bike.  So as much as i would like one, please don’t go suggesting a 15 thousand dollar Harley!  I’m probably going to be looking at the Vulcan 900, Vstar 950 and 1300 all of which I can get fairly new (2007 or newer), if I do decide to go bigger, ill probably end up looking at the Royal Star 1300 or Vulcan Nomad 1500.  But I just don’t know.

Well I’m looking forward to seeing what you all think.

Here’s a video of me talking about the above.  Please disregard the audio quality as I was testing a new mic, which ended up giving me lots of wind noise.  But it’ll get better over time.


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2 thoughts on “How many CCs is enough?

  1. Roland

    We also have a gv250 as it is the only 250 cruiser that can do interstate speeds 75ish mph. It has a high revving engine similar to a sport bike while most cruisers have low rpm torque..The closest bike behaviorwise is Vulcan 500… It’s light, has twice the power of yours with a slightly tuned parallel twin from the ninja 500. Have fun!

    • Next year ill be going much bigger. Have quite a few bikes that are on my list. Next year will be an interesting year as i look for my next bike. But for this year my GV250 will do just fine.

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