Inexpensive SaddleBag Liners

One of the things that has always bothered me a little bit is when companies charge people for more items just because of the category.  For example… Buying certain camping gear is more expensive for the same item than if you were to buy the automotive version of it. Why because they guess that those that are interested in the outdoors will pay more!  And motorcyclists fall into this category.  We seem to bet charged more for items that we could probably find elsewhere for better quality and lower costs, but don’t have the motorcycle title or brand associated with it.

On my last bike (Kawasaki Nomad) I spend about $100 to buy 2 liner bags, that to be completely honest, were of horrible quality, thin and flimsy.  When I bought my current bike, I wanted to get some liners for my side bags, but didn’t want the crazy price that went with it.  So I went on the hunt for an alternative.

And I came up with inexpensive cooler bags.

These bags come in all kinds of sizes, so it’s probably fairly easy to find one that fits.  Also, they are cooler bags!  So they can help keep cool or heat in.  Which is great if you are actually carrying your lunch or some snacks.  Lastly, these bags are usually waterproof or at least water-resistant!  Again, amazing!  I actually found some at Walmart where fit my bags for under $8 per bag!  What more can you ask for!

Take a look at the video and let me know what you think!

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