Installing New Aux Lights on the V-Strom

I’ve wanted to put some aux lights on my V-Strom almost immediately after I bought it but never did.  I wanted them not only because they are useful when it’s dark or when there is limited visibility, but also because on a bike you want to be seen.  Being seen is of utmost importance and I’m all about making sure that everyone else on the street can see me coming.  What I didn’t want was to spend a fortune on getting some new lights.

Of course, I spent a fair bit of time on the internet looking for a good deal on some LED lights.  And I came across a pair of LightFox LED lights for $20!  For the pair!  Of course, this was worth the risk of seeing if these are any good.  Of course when I got them I realized that I need a wireing kit and some mounting brackets.  So those needed to be order.

About $100 later I had everything that I needed to install my lights on my V-Strom.  I did
the install in 2 parts.  Part one was the actual mounting of the lights and this was done while I was waiting for the brackets and mounting harness.


Part 2 of course was the wiring of the lights on the bike.  And with the harness it was a snap.  It took about 30 minutes or so. Hardest part was figuring out where to run the actual wires.  Once done it was nice and easy.

Below I have provided links to all the parts that you can order via or  as well as part 1 and part 2 of the videos. (US)
LightFox LED lights (US)
Light Bracket (mine were 1″) (US)
Universal Wiring Harness (Canada)
LightFox LED Lights (Canada)
Light Bracket (Canada)
Universal Wiring Harness

Hope they help. So far i really like these lights!


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