It’s Time For New Tires

14000kms later and its time for new tires.  Actually I probably should have put them on sometime near the end of last season, but I didn’t. I noticed that when driving either slow or fast I really didn’t notice anything wrong with the tires, but when travelling between 50 and 70 kms I found the ride to by very rough.  Time to change the tires.

I contacted the dealer that I bought the bike from (Hyosung GV250) and asked how much it would cost to change the tires.  Their price was about $250/tire which included tire and install.  Of course I needed 2 of them, so $500.  I then asked if they installed tires if I just brought my own in.  And they wouldnt.  I found out later that most places won’t.  And I now realize that this is just a way for them to get you on the labour as well as on the markup on their tires.

Anyways, I found a place just outside of Ottawa called Black’s Corners Tire who will install any tire (as long as its new) and for a great price.  I just had to get the tire and or bike to them (which was about a 40 minute ride). No problem.

Now I went online and found a great deal on tires.  I got both the front and rear tires delivered to me with all taxes in for about $165.  Not to shabby!!!  Add in the install which was about $70 and I was half of what the dealer was going to charge!  For the same tires!!

Hope you enjoy the video!

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