New AirHawk Seat Cushions

When my wife and I got our new bikes last year (Used VStroms) we really didn’t have any choice as to what kind of seat that came on them.  Luckily mine came with a Corbin seat (which is really nice) but my wife’s came with a stock seat.  Even with the Corbin seat on mine, I can go for pretty much a full day, but by the end, I’m pretty sore.  And with a 2-week long ride coming up this summer we were looking for something to help us get through those long days of riding.

After talking with a lot of fellow riders, and doing my share of online research, I decided to order us both Airhawk seat cushions.  I ordered the Airhawk R and my wife received the Airhawk DS.

The DS, of course, is for dual sport bikes and seems to fit her bike well.  I wanted the R as I thought that it would fit on my Corbin seat a little bit better.  And I think I may have been correct.

Take a look at the two videos below.  Hope they help you make a decision if you were considering one of these seats.

Ride safe!

You can Buy Them by following these links.
AirHawk Cruiser R (small)

AirHawk Cruiser R (large) (Canada)
AirHawk Cruiser R (large) (Canada)
AirHawk Cruiser R (small) (US)
AirHawk DS (canada)
AirHawk DS



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