New Skid Plate and Highway Pegs by Enduro Guardian

When I picked up my 2002 V-Strom it came with the standard plastic skid plate.  Which helps, but its not great.  When my wife picked up her 2004 V-Strom it came with a very cool skid plate which included highway pegs.  Since I came from a cruiser style bike, I really did miss the highway pegs and the ability to stretch my legs out on a long ride.

So I ordered some for my bike.

Took about a week or so for them to arrive and they weren’t cheap. But, I am willing to pay for something that will help me stay in the saddle longer, and these definitely will.  Plus I’ll have the added protection which is also really great.

Just a side note if you are interested in buying these …  They install on the DL650 fairly easily but are a real pain in the ass on the DL1000.  At least I found it to be a pain. Check out the video to see what I’m talking about.

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