Not good at all! VLOG #8

Yesterday started great, but ended up crap!  Yup, everything was going as planned until I picked up this knife and decided to jam it into my thumb!  The end result was 4 hours in the hospital and 5 stitches.  So the next few days will be trying desperately to make sure that I don’t aggravate or use my thumb so that it gets a good start on the healing process!  Supposedly I should be able to get the stitches out by this coming Wednesday but Ill go in on Friday to have it done.  We leave for our trip on the following Saturday.  Fingers crossed!

2 thoughts on “Not good at all! VLOG #8

  1. How dreadful Gregory. I wish you speedy healing.

    • Well, it definitely recovered in time. The first few days of riding I kept it wrapped, but all good in the end!

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