Ride for Autism 2016

Well this post is a little late, but i figured that i would post it anyway as I’m always glad to see what good can come of these charity rides, and how important it is to support them.  I try to do as many charity rides as I can and volunteer to help them when I can.  And sometimes that support comes in the form or creating a small video of the event in hopes that it can help draw awareness of the event and thus making it more successful for the following years.

The Ride for Autism is a charity ride that is fairly new and this was its 4th year.  I have participated in it every year and it is great to see how much it has grown and evolved from what it started as. Autism is a cause that is closed to myself and to many around me.  I’m sure that many of us know someone who has or knows someone with Autism.  One of the greatest parts of these rides is not just the money that it provides, but it helps with awareness and knowledge which in a lot of cases is maybe more important.  It’s amazing to hear from those that have Autism and hear their successes in life and the support from those around them, but on the flip side to hear of the difficulties that stand before them.

I hope to see many more at the Ride for Autism here in Ottawa next year.  And for those that live in other cities please look for and try to support a charity that is close to you.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wifhTbi7vi4[/embedyt]


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