Spinido® DJI Phantom 2 and 3 Charging Dock

This review is a little out of the ordinary for a site that mostly reviews motorcycle related items and items that can help those that ride and or record on motorcycles.  Well that is kind of what this review is in regards to. Last year I bought a DJI Phantom 3 standard edition and have taken it out many times throughout the year.  I used it mostly when recording some of the later charity rides that I did, to give you guys a better and more interesting view of what was happening.

This coming year, my wife and 2 of our best friends will be travelling from Ottawa Ontario to Newfoundland and back.  I already have multiple action cams, and the Phantom should come in handy as I attempt to capture some of the natural beauty that surrounds the maritimes and Newfoundland.

Here’s the issue that I was concerned with.  Battery life.

I know have 3 batteries for the Phantom 3 and each gives approximately 20 minutes of charge.  On any given day (during our 2 week ride) I could go through 2 or 3 of these batteries.  How do I charge them?  I don’t want to have to stay up extra late when we stop for the night to charge my batteries for the next day.  Which is where the Spinido® comes into play.  It can charge all 3 of my batteries!  Perfect!  Just plug in the dock, add the batteries, and wake up in the morning to 3 ready to go batteries.  What more could you ask for.

Check out the video below as I unbox and try out the Spinido® Charging Dock.

Make sure to follow this link if you’d like to pick up one for yourself!



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