Tocas® Waterproof Dual USB and 12 Volt Power Adapter

Late last week I was riding and noticed that my iPhone wasn’t being charged via my 12 volt adapter that i have in my batwing fairing.  I tried to see if it was the actual plug that was in the adapter, but that wasn’t the problem.  61W1XH0rexL._SL1000_So something in the adapter or in the batwing was the issue.  I really didn’t want to have to tear the fairing apart so i decided that it was better to just buy a new handlebar mounted adapter.

I ended up buying the Tocas Adapter.  Seemed like a good price, got good reviews, and did everything that i needed it to do.  Today I installed it.

Take a look at the video below as I show you what came with the package and how easy it was it actually install.  Also if you want to pick one up yourself just head on up to the top of this screen and check out our amazon store.  We have this actual adapter listed there under the Power Adapter sections.


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