Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 Case Review

So after carrying my iPhone around for the last week to two weeks with no case on it, I finally received my new iPhone case in the mail. I bought my iPhone 6 on launch day, and even though I know the Apple cases are good-quality I wanted something that showcased the phone a little better.


I handed up going online, to to search for what was available, and the selection wasn’t horrible. The one thing was that there wasn’t very many reviews as the phone had just been released that very day. But I searched around, and ended up coming across the Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 case.


Now the price was exactly what I was looking for, fairly inexpensive. Before taxes and shipping it came to a whopping $15.99. Now of course one of my concerns was if the company would ship to Canada and they did. The shipping was about seven or eight bucks so in total my final bill was about $22 or $23. Amazon does say that this case retails for about $70 (which i doubt) but upon receiving it I will have to say that it is a very nice case and I am very pleased with it so far. So for Amazons asking price, I would say that this is a fantastic deal for anybody looking for a case for their iPhone.


If you end up taking the time to read the reviews on, a lot of people were complaining about the band that went around the rubber case. They claimed that the band was a loose fit around the inner rubber case. This seems to have been remedied as my phone and the case were very snug and there is no way that this case would becoming off without me having to pry it off.

I ordered the titanium version of this case. The titanium refers to the color band that goes around case. It does come in numerous other colors as well, but the titanium as a time of purchase, was the least expensive of the lot. And again as of now, I am very happy with my choice.


I hope you enjoy my little video that I have embedded below. If you have any questions in regards to this case, please feel free to comment below or to send me an email directly. Thanks again for viewing the video and my posts. Talk to you all soon.

I have attached a small link below this post that should take you directly to where I bought this case from. I always appreciate people buying their Amazon purchases through my site as it does help me maintain and run

[amazon asin=B00LOZ5XO8&template=iframe image]

[embedplusvideo height=”480″ width=”853″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=nQHLrRX6-Yw&width=853&height=480&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=¬es=” id=”ep5216″ /]

2 thoughts on “Verus Iron Shield iPhone 6 Case Review

  1. Stephane Levasseur

    Hey Greg,

    Do you find it heavy?

    • Surprisingly, I don’t really find it that much heavier with the case on. It’s definitely adding some weight and some bulk, but no more than you would expect when you add any kind of case to the iPhone or any phone for that matter. Also this review is for the case for the iPhone but I do know that this company makes the same style of case for many of the android and Windows style phones. So if you’re interested, again make sure to search through my Amazon link and I’m sure you can find one that fits your phone.

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