Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1500 FI

More information will come as I learn more about this new bike.  As of now here is the story of my second motorcycle.

Two years into riding motorcycles I was starting to look at new bikes.  But I wasn’t looking at buying until the next season.  But as always its when you are not looking that things will magically appear.  And thats just what happened.


Watching a lot of online sites I found this Nomad.  It was exactly what I was looking for and was definitely in my price point.  So off we went to take a look.  To make a long story short. I bought it.  But it would stay with the previous owner until now (spring 2015).


Well it was just the other day and the time had come for me to bring her home, and thats just what we did.  With the help of a friend we loaded her up on his trailer (in the snow) and brought her home.  So great  having her home.  I spent the last 2 nights with her running in the garage and just sitting on her.

Is that weird?

Anyways, the season is close, hopefully only a few weeks away, and I hope that means lots of new videos for you guys.  Very excited to bring this bike out on the road and to see what its like to ride this new bike.


My Hyosung will now become my wife’s bike as she will be taking her M2 course this April.  So for now she will remain in the family (the bike that is).

Let the season begin!!!!

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