First Honest International Motorcycle Gloves – The Review

Recently I posted a short article and video in regards to some motorcycle gloves that First Honest International had sent me.  Well I have had the opportunity to use them for some time now and I must say so far I have been pleased with them.  I have ridden with them in the cold, in the rain, and in normal riding conditions and so far so good.

It looks though that to order these gloves one must reach out to First Honest International.  As from what I can tell, they are looking for resellers.  I’m not a reseller!  Anyways from what they have explained to me, you are looking at approximately $25US per pair of gloves (and they do have a lot of different styles).  As well as a $20ish shipping charge per pair of gloves.  Now if you order over 10 pairs they drop the shipping down to $10 per pair.

So for $50 for a pair of gloves I would say that’s not to bad a deal considering what a really good pair of gloves goes for.  At $35 they are a great deal!  So find a bunch of friends and do a group order!

Anyways watch the video.  There’s more info and a link.
Ride Safe!!

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