First Honest International Motorcycle Gloves

So … First Honest International is a company that deals in leather, actually it seems that the are a company that deals with Motorcycle leather.  And that is always of interest to those like me that like to play with new motorcycle gear.  So when First Honest International says that they would like to send you a pair of their gloves to review you of course do the obvious and say ‘Yes’.

Today I received the gloves.

Now I havent had a chance to go our riding with them, but I have tried them on and that’s a start.  And to be honest, so far I think they will be a really nice addition to my existing gloves, and they will probably be a set of gloves that gets a fair bit of use.  We shall see after I spend the next while using them every day.

Below is my unboxing/first look at the gloves.  As I stated above, I will be using these gloves for the next week in whatever conditions are thrown at me.  And after that I will put up a new review.  Until then enjoy my unboxing video.

I have also asked the company to send me additional information so that anyone interested in purchasing these gloves can do so.  Hopefully I hear back from them soon.

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