SA Fishing Face Shields

You see more and more riders wearing something on their face.  Especially those that wear half helmets.  Something that can protect their face from the cold, the sun, the dirt, or just about whatever.  Most of the time you see these face shields in either plain black or with a skull on them.  But then here comes SA Fishing to put a little diversity into your choices.  First off they come in 2 different kinds of shields.  One is your standard face shield, one that you would wear when its not that cold out, but want to keep the sun, wind and or dirt off of your face.  Then they have their fleece ones.  These are nice and warm, and you could easily wear these through out the cold months, or if you ride a snow mobile these would definitely come in handy.

You can always find deals on SA Fishings products, if you wait.  The last deal I stumbled on was 5 shields (normal ones) for $15US.  Not bad at all.

We take a look at the 5 standard shields, plus we grab 3 of the fleece ones.  Pretty cool.  Let us know what you think.  Check out the video below.

2 thoughts on “SA Fishing Face Shields

  1. Martin Vincent

    Wow, thanks for the SA FaceShield review.
    I am new to the motorcycle world and am looking forward to equip myself of all the basic goodies. I saw SA’s add over Facebook and wondered if it was real or a scam or if the quality was worth it.
    After viewing your review from last October and again from this February I decided to place my order. What I found strange is that the original add from Facebook was offering 5 shields for 20$ while the add from your site was 5 shields for 15$ which made me even more suspicious. Hopefully it’s the real deal and thanks for making me save an extra 5$.
    Can’t wait to receive them.

    • They are the real deal. And they have different ‘specials’ all the time. 5 for $15 is the best that i’ve seen. I wear mine all the time. Hope you enjoy them. Just so you know. They can take a few weeks to deliver. But be patient.

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