Skwoosh Motorcycle Seat Cushion

We are constantly on the lookout for what we hope will be the ultimate seat cushion for our trip to Newfoundland this summer.  We have tried multiple seats including the stock seat, gel seat and Corbin seat.  We have also tried the Airhawk R and Airhawk DS cushions.  Previous to this cushion we also tried a product called Sit and Fly which is a net system that goes over your existing seat.  My wife really likes that one, as do I , but I wanted a little bit more ‘cushion’.

Skwoosh to the rescue.

Here is the description taken directly from

The Mid-Size Leather Gel Pad has a perforated genuine leather top and a built in air channel to promote cool air circulation. It has tailbone relief and gel for comfort and vibration dampening. SKWOOSH™ lightweight, fluidized gel relieves pressure, helps circulation and eliminates numbness caused by long rides. The non-skid bottom keeps the pad in place and it folds for storage. An easy to install snap on safety strap is included. It is 13″ W at the top, is 11″L, tapers to 8″ and fits street bikes, metrics and larger passenger seats. This gel pad is designed for extended cruising and extra comfort. The Mid-Size gel pad needs no maintenance and has no pumps or valves. SKWOOSH™ is the most trouble-free, comfortable gel pad Made in the USA.

Watch the video to see what we thought of this pad and let us know if you have any questions in regards to it.  Check out their website for sizing and info on the different models.

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