Which GPS For Your Motorcycle?

For those that ride a motorcycle, we’ve always been told that there’s no such thing as getting lost, we are always on the search for new roads, new journeys and new adventures.  Pretty sure though that when we are done, we need to find our way back home!  Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.42.37 PMNow many of you know on my bike, as of now, I use my iPhone as my GPS.  The bonus is that there are numerous mapping apps and many of them are free.  But here’s my biggest issue.  I want my iPhone to be protected as it’s a fairly expensive piece of equipment and that means from rain as well.  So I end up putting my iPhone in a pretty big case / mount on my bike.  All good so far.  Except for the time I actually want to use it.  I love having my phone available once we stop, and many times are stops aren’t for very long, so I end up either leaving it attached to my bike or I don’t mount it in the first place.  So maybe not the best option.

So I went online to look at motorcycle GPS units.  Man are the pricey!!!  They can range from $400 and up.  I’ve seen some for $600-$800, which to me seems crazy.  rf-lgI can’t believe how badly these manufactures mark up some of these things!  But I’m sure they’re good and have some awesome features, but to be honest all I need is a GPS that tells me where I am, how to get somewhere and how to get home once I’m done.  So my guess is that I don’t need to spend that kind of money.

Well what about the Chinese/Ebay motorcycle GPS units?  Well now we start getting into a price point that seems a bit more reasonable.  Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.45.29 PMUsually you can find them for $140-$200 depending on the screen size, features, and how the dollar is doing (Canadian dollar right now isn’t doing so great).  But they claim to be waterproof and shock proof so maybe not a horrible decision, and maybe something worth giving a try.

Lastly would be to just go find a cheap Ebay GPS unit that fits a car.  I’m pretty sure that I can find some kind of case or make one myself that will do all the protecting that I need it to do and the price of these units are fantastic!  Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 3.46.07 PMYou can pick them up with Canada and US maps for around $50 and usually with Free shipping!  How do you beat that!  Plus if it breaks in a year or 2 I can always just go buy another one.

Anyways, what are your thought?  Do you use a GPS on your motorcycle, do you just use your phone or do you just let fate decide where you are heading?  Would be awesome to hear all your thoughts.

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