Birth of A Nation Ride

A couple of big events were taking place here in Canada this year.  Firstly this will be Canada’s 150th birthday!  Secondly, this is the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge.  In our area, there is a ride called the National Memorial Ride and a little south of us there is the Heroes Highway Ride.  Because of the 2 above anniversaries, the 2 rides decided to meet up to form the Birth of a Nation Ride.  Kind of a once in a lifetime ride.

The ride left from Fort Henry in Kingston, Ontario (so because of that, we had to leave nice and early from Ottawa to get there for the start) and headed down the 401 highway and continued down the 416 to Ottawa.  Ending at the Ottawa War Museum.  It then joined up with the National Memorial Ride which then continued to Beechwood Cemetery where everyone paid their respects to all the fallen military.

Pretty incredible and so glad to have been able to participate in this ride.

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