Any reason to Ride!

My wife and I both love to ride plain and simple, and we don’t need much of a reason to head out on our bikes to spend some time in the saddle.  During the non-winter months, I ride my motorcycle to work every day come rain or shine!  Those, of course, are little rides and are fun but it’s the longer rides that we really enjoy!

We had the opportunity to join up with a riding club out in Ottawa Valley (CMC 093 – Canadian Motorcycle Cruisers) on their 5th-anniversary ride which took us out to the Highland area and some fantastic roads!  Their ride covered just over 300 kilometres but when you take on the distance it took for us to get there and back, our day ended at almost double that (585 kilometres in total).

The second and most recent ride wasn’t anywhere near that distance but was still a nice way to spend a morning, was a little ride up to Merrickville where the Merrickville Motorcycle Show was happening.  It’s a small show, but again, I just need a reason!

Hope you enjoy!  Ride Safe!

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