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Firstly let me start by saying that Viking Cycle sent us these jackets for review. BUT, we are in no way obligated to give a positive review.  With that being said, I must say I was really impressed with the jackets that were sent our way.

Gregs Test Jacket was the Viking Cycle Enforcer Jacket:
Viking Cycle was not a company that I was even a little familiar with in regards to Motorcycle clothing.  My knowledge of them was entirely based on their motorcycle luggage, which I had always heard positive things. So when Viking Cycle reached out to us to test their jackets I was definitely curious.  

With riding season not quite upon us we had to wait until the weather changed or we were somewhere that allowed us to get on a motorcycle as I really wanted to test this jacket while riding.  Luckily we were on our way to Daytona Bike Week which would end up being the perfect place for us to do a good test of these jackets.

But before we left I wanted to see how well the jacket did in the cold.  With the weather here being under 0 degrees Celsius, it was great to wear this jacket outside to see how well it did.  And with the included liner, I can say that it was nice and warm.  No real complaints.  I will say that riding in that kind of temperature always needs some kind of heated gear.  But I would have no problems riding in spring and or fall temperatures with this jacket with included liner (which is removable).

While in Daytona the weather was in the low 20’s (Celsius) and I rode all day with no liner and it was pretty much perfect.  I had the vents opened and the jacket was just about the perfect temperature, absolutely no complaints.  I would definitely call this a 4 season jacket.  Now don’t get me wrong.  IF you are riding in HOT temperatures you will almost certainly want to be wearing a mesh jacket (and if Viking Cycle wants to send me one of those I would have no issues with trying that out … hint, hint). But I can see wearing this jacket 90 percent of the time with little to no issues at all.

Fit wise I found it fit pretty much the same as all the other jackets that I have tried on, or currently own.  What I mean by that is that I currently own multiple jackets and they are all XXL and this one from Viking Cycle fit exactly the same.  The XXL fit me perfectly.  I wouldn’t have minded the sleeves being just a tad bit longer, but really that’s just me nitpicking.  I really like all the adjustments to help make this jacket fit the way you want it too.  While riding the jacket never rode up leaving my back exposed and overall it just felt great.

Lastly, this jacket has a crazy amount of pockets to hold just about anything and everything that you can think of (including a pocket that can hold a tablet).  There is a super large pocket on the rear of the jacket that I constantly used to hold my gloves and my water bottle when I was walking around.  It was honestly one of the best things.  It has pockets for your sunglasses, knife and your digital media player (along with the ability to feed your headphone cables through the jacket) very cool indeed.

Did I say how much this jacket cost?  It’s under $100US!  That is just crazy for a jacket of this quality.  There are a few little things that could improve but as of now, I think that this will be the jacket that I will be wearing for this upcoming season.  Well Done Viking Cycle. The Viking Cycle Enforcer Jacket is a complete win!

Marys Test Jacket was the Viking Cycle IronBorn Jacket:
On my first look, I was very impressed with the Ladies Ironborn Textile Motorcycle jacket from Viking Cycle. I liked the feminine style and fit. The removable liner is great as it helps extend my riding season. The armour placement is good and didn’t feel out of place while riding. I appreciated that the jacket did not ride up in the back when riding as other textile jackets I’ve worn have done. The vents on the front gave a good amount of air flow, I may recommend vents in the arms as well to help on warmer days but it was perfect for the day we were riding (low 20’s Celsius). There were plenty of pockets and I like the option of being able to cinch the back if necessary for a better fit.

Overall I really like this jacket and would highly recommend it. Do take note, when looking at sizing it was a little confusing. Typically I wear a large in my other ladies motorcycle jackets but according to the measurements I should have ordered a 2XL. I ended up going with the XL and it was a perfect fit for me.

Final Verdict

So there you have it.  For the price of the Viking Jackets, you really can’t go wrong.  We were both really impressed with the quality of these jackets.  If you are looking for a motorcycle jacket make sure to check out Viking Cycle.  Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!  You can visit them here,

We have some videos that we will add to this post once available, so make sure to check back soon!

2 thoughts on “Viking Cycle Jackets

  1. I always buy Viking jackets because they are inexpensive and my go to jacket for long rides in cold weather though I must admit I’ve never wore mine all four seasons. I’ll give it a try next summer.

    • im definitely a big fan of their jackets and gear. Especially for the price!

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