We are heading to Newfoundland … Soon – VLOG #1

Wanted to put this post up as I’ll be adding new videos over on our YouTube channel in regards to our upcoming trip to Newfoundland and the Maritimes!  I have been recording and documenting our preparation for over a year now and as we are getting very close to actually leaving on this trip I figure you guys should know about it!

My plan is that I will post a short video every couple of days (at least once a week) as we ramp up to leaving for our trip, and once the trip begins I will post daily to keep you guys informed as to what is going on.  These videos are little recaps and will not be the final videos that document our trip!  Watch for those once we are home and I have had time to edit them all!

Make sure that you like, subscribe, share and comment on the videos so that we can get the word out!  Also if you are in one of the locations that we are stopping in, please make sure to drop by and say hello!  I’ll be posting our itinerary soon!

Talk to you all again in VLOG #2

2 thoughts on “We are heading to Newfoundland … Soon – VLOG #1

  1. Sergio

    I hope you get better soon. I’m also planning a trip to the East cost from Toronto with my Super Tenere 1200…. to Halifax or Newfoundland, in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I’ll go camping, and traveling around 800km per day… Please share some highlights of the road so I can take advantage of your research 😉 Hope to see you out there.

    • Definitely, wish I would have read this earlier. We are now back from our trip and I’m sure you are either on your trip or possibly back as well. Hope it is going well or went well. We had a great trip with every kind of possible weather that you could get (except for snow). I will be posting a link to our trip videos and hope you get the chance to take a look. Thanks for the comment! Always great to hear from other Motorcycle riders/travellers!

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