Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Dice Run

Well the last charity ride for us has come and gone.  The Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind Dice Run is a long running ride that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in since my first year of riding.  Last year was a rough year for the ride as it fell on a day with crazy amounts of rain and because of that only 5 of us actually rode.  This year though we had great weather (although a bit on the windy side) with 136 bikes showing up to support the ride.

I was able to help support the ride in a greater respect this year as I was able to help plan the route and gather volunteers for the 3 main stops along the way.  Was great to be a part of the planning and to watch it succeed.  Because of this though I rode during the day on my own as I was trying to spend more time at the stops making sure everything was running smoothly.

Here is the video of the day.  Hope you all enjoy and hope that each one of you gets the opportunity to ride and support a charity that is close to you!

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