CML motorcycle mesh riding pants

Once again i have purchased a pair of pants.  This is now my third attempt to find some pants that i really like and I’m pretty sure that third times a charm!  I actually bought these locally so I had the opportunity to try them on before I bought them.  And so far so good.  This is a local brand from Gatineau Quebec and the price was pretty good.  Only $150 Canadian.  They were a little more expensive than the previous pants that I had purchased, but pretty sure ill get some good use out of them.

I’ll keep this post quick as I have some more riding to do.  The one thing that I will say in regards to the pants is that I did have to buy a bigger size then I had wanted to ensure that they were comfy when wearing them over pants and with the liner in.  Because of this they are loose in the waist.  My thoughts at first were to just get a belt (as they do have belt loops – and no waist tightening straps), but i think I may actually go get some suspenders.  Cause suspenders a cool!  Not really, but I do think that will be better.

Anyways take a look at the video.  If you want more info you can do a search for CML sports.

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