Motorcycle trip to Lake Placid, NY

Pretty late in the season, and we are still riding.  Oh Yeah.  Not done yet!  Hopefully if the weather agrees with us we can get another month of riding or maybe even more!  Our most recent trip was a nice day excursion down to Lake Placid, New York.  Not a long ride by any means, but definitely a full day.  Especially when you are riding with a fairly large group (over 20 bikes).

We ended up leaving for Lake Placid from Ottawa with 3 different groups that would eventually join up together for the trip.  Ours was group 1 as we had to come from the furthest distance and would join up with the other 2 groups.  Group 2 was just on the east side of Ottawa (we started from the west end) and group 3 was waiting for us just on the other side of the US border.

My wife Mary and I hope to possibly do this trip again this year before the snow falls (possibly just the 2 of us).  If not it will definitely be on the radar for next year as Lake Placid seems like a pretty cool little town to wander around for the day.  We didn’t have mush time to do anything while we were there (quick lunch and then back home).  Every thing just takes so much longer when you are travelling with such a large group!

None the less a fun time.  Which we will definitely do again!

Until next time ….


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