Received and Installed New Levers

When I bought my VStrom the previous owner had cut the brake and clutch levers.  I wasn’t overly fond of the levers, as I found them to short for my hands.  I looked around locally and couldn’t really find anything that I wanted in the price point that I wanted to spend.

I ended up going online.  Took some time looking around both Amazon and eBay and come across a nice set of levers.  And priced right around my price point.  Somewhere in the 20-25 dollar mark.  And surprisingly they came fairly quick (about 2 weeks) even though this would not be the kind of delivery that I would expect when ordering something that is coming from somewhere in China!

Well they have arrived, and even though it has still been fairly cold out, I decided to install them.  So, below are two videos, one that showcases the levers, and the second of the actual install.  Hope you enjoy.

You can pick up your own (choose from various colors) over on amazon by following the link below.



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